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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

THE PURPOSE of this organization is to encourage participation of club members in events and social activities that promote BCA, and its membership. The members of BCA are willing to support those in need, assist with charitable events, and support our local schools and other community activities.

The organization will foster fellowship of its members and to facilitate the exchange of information, in matters of interest to the membership. As an organization we will bring together a chosen few that are driven and committed to the Corvette community.  Our ultimate goal is to be in a position to support other Corvette Clubs and individuals in order to establish and maintain lasting friendships, regardless of race, creed, color, or gender.

The Leadership

BCA History

Bricktown Corvette Association was founded and established on July 30,2019 by Elvis Fuller, Birdlene and Dennis Purvis. We started this association with the purpose of bringing corvette owners together for socializing, sharing knowledge of corvettes and helping the communities by way of giving back. We will support various charitable organizations and try to make an impact on our youth, the elderly, Veterans, and other areas needing support. We not only strive to have a diverse politics free association but to also help promote diversity in our communities. The three founding members have experience managing car clubs as well as working with other automobile clubs. When we settled on our name, an EIN was obtained to make this club official. We quickly had the interest of new members joining this club. Elvis Fuller began to design our logo that would go on our attire. As our membership grows, we hope to draw on the knowledge of our members.

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